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Softshell pant
Summer dress
Wollwalk Anzüge
Baby Schlafsäcke
Erinnerungswindel bestickt
Fleece Jacken
Softshell Sets

customer reviews

The babynest was the first thing we used when we came home earlier from the hospital after giving birth to our baby son.

Fabienne R

A while ago I ordered a pair of mud pants.  Still now I am very satisfied :-). Quick and very nice work. Despite a lot of use, it's still in great shape. Thumbs up!!!

Nicole S

Our dog is usually a real diva when it comes to comfort. The dog bed is your absolute favorite place!

Corsin J

Dear Brigitte, thank you again for the great Christmas bags. They're going to be used tonight.

Helen R

We are not only very happy about the children's clothes, but also about the baby nests and the doll nests.


Many, many thanks, dear Brigitte, for the beautiful Pumphösli. So sweet!!

Matilde M